We really would like the support of the community and have everyone secure their attractants

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As a woman, I have oft times been an adopter in my choice of work, in the technology I owned and in my drive to learn more. It is unfortunate that society is still leading women to believe that if they are smart and good at STEM that it is unattractive, so we keep our mouths shut. While this is changing all you have to do is look at our current political arena to see there is still a stigma applied to women that are strong and are leaders..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Here in Illinois, at least in DuPage County, when one walks into the county courthouse one is not allowed tcheap jerseyso take so much as a camera phone in. Ive often wondered about this. Ive thought to myself, at times, “I wonder what theyre so afraid of.” It seems to me that this is a public building, so arent the citizens of the county the actual owners? If they want to film on their own property, shouldnt they be able to do so with impunity? If they want to take pictures of their public servants, doesnt it make sense that they should be able to? Other counties in other states allow cameras and filming in their courtrooms, and if we are to have an open and honest judiciary system it seems to me that the best way to keep them on the up and up is to be able to film and record their activities. wholesale nfl jerseys

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